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No spark


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87 cobia 2.5 120 hp inboard has no spark . Has compression and carb is new/ rebuilt And when I turn key starter engages but won’t shut off. New ignition switch. Starter rebuilt and tested with new Cylinder and plunger engages properly. 3 new relays. Points set correctly . New distributor cap and wires. New plugs. Any help is appreciated

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Not a lot of discussion on inboard boats here but I bet there are people here that can take a stab at it. I’m a little confused as to your problem.. you say you have no spark but then say the starter engages but won’t shut off. if the bendix on the starts kicks out and spins the engine it should disengage when you stop turning the key. You may need a shim on the starter. If you are not getting a spark on the plug when the motor is spinning over you are going to have to look for 12 bolts going to the distributor when the ignition is switched on.

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Cap look new or cleaned up, 

1 if cap and rotor are not new replace 

2 spin motor over after you resolve key switch issue (i would replace it)or starter issue with lubing bendix shaft or shimming, if the spark is red or orange replace the condenser 

3 if still no spark check Ignition coil by putting close to block to ground, suggest you use insulated ignition pliers so it doesn’t bite you 

hope it helps

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