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how to secure the engine when trailering the boat

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New pathfinder boat owner (purchased a used 2013 Pathfinder TRS) and I trailer my boat a lot.  So I am hoping I am correctly securing the engine when I trailer the boat.  I don't want to put extra stress on my transom.  I had a transom saver I used when trailering but somebody stole it from me last week.  Frustrating.  

I have a jack plate and I have been putting the kick stand on the motor when I trailer it.  I attached some photos to show you.  There is a sticker on my console that says the boat needs to be elevated 3 inches when I secure the motor.  So I think this means I need to put the jackplate at 3 inches then use the kickstand on the motor.  Any insight to my situation and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I plan to keep this boat for a long time so I want to protect it.  




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The reason for the sticker is the "Inset" of the transom and the set back of the jack plate. If you trim the motor up with the jack plate full down you will likely bind up or crush the wiring and hoses coming  from the motor against the transom edge.

My procedure is to lift the jack plate full up, then trim the motor up and put the motor support in place. I then trim the motor down to put the weight on the support and relieve the Trim & Tilt. I then lower the jack plate to 3.5 inches. I also use steering stabilizer clips.

I suppose the kick stand would suffice as the motor support. I will include a pic. These are not the brand I have but I suppose they would work fine'



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