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WTB Hewes RF21 or very nice MA 21


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So we’re selling our bay house and downsizing to a smaller place on the bay which will necessitate selling my Judge 36.  Since I already have a nice MA 18, I’m thinking about selling both and buying a newer RF21 or nice/upgraded MA 21. I’m only going to have 3-4’ at the new dock, so skinny is a must. Already getting the lift switched over. Want to continue scratching the itch of creek fishing up here and “shallows” in the Florida islands. Love this family and want to stay with the brand, hence the post. (I think Omar would shun me if I came to the MBG Tournament with an Egret!) 

let me know if anyone has something they’re thinking of selling. 

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Well, I hate to hear this, but it actually sounds like a perfect solution for your situation.   The 21 MA is a pretty special boat and I can't help oogling over them when they come up for sale on here.   I pole just a little too often to make the switch, but if I didn't, I'd have probably gone bigger with my herd.   

I do know this - someone is going to get a hell of an 18 if you sell yours.  Have enjoyed watching you dote over her.   

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