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Bait well assembly


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I would like to replace the full assembly from the thru hull to the pumps.  I need to know what are the fittings that attach the 90, from the through hull, to the ball valves.  I assume these will allow you to preassemble the entire run including the ball valves, strainers and pumps with out spinning the assembly.  Is that correct?  See pic below.



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On 7/14/2023 at 9:17 AM, redfisher4 said:

I would like to replace the full assembly from the thru hull to the pumps.

might I ask why?  they look fine....you will need a lot of torque on the brass and through hulls and you could crack it at the entrance to the underside of the hull...not saying it will happen, but, could....



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  When strainers are mounted vertical (like in the pic) they tend to trap air and keep the pump from priming. If you can rotate the strainers slightly down hill, then the air is pushed out or replaced by the water and you avoid air-lock or loss of priming. If you look at it like a clock, the strainers are in the 12 o-clock position. If you rotate them down, between the 4 o-clock and 8 o-clock positions, that prevents air lock. 

   Some boats sit lower in the water than others. If your live-well appliances are below or near the water line, you may never have a problem. The 23 HPS sits high in the water and almost always requires the live-well appliances to be mounted horizontally as opposed to vertical and strainers rotated downhill. 

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