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Is the 2200 the right boat for me?

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I live in Charleston, SC and have fished several types of boats from inshore backwater to 100 miles off the coast. I currently have a beavertail technical poling skiff which is a great shallow water boat but it is limiting when trying to leave that back water. I ran a 24 Islamorada for a few years and that boat was great, I have taken it 60 miles offshore and it handled great. I know the the 2200 is a lighter/smaller boat with less dead rise so it will not be that capable but I am curious to know just how capable these boats are. I am looking for a boat that can still holds it own in the shallow water but can still get out for some near shore fishing (5-25 miles). For my kind of fishing if the boat cannot get out to fish nearshore I would rather have a technical poling skiff that drafts 6", I want to make sure I don't just end up with a less capable inshore boat if I sell my beavertail to move to a 2200. I am a licensed captain that runs several larger boats so I am not looking to get out to blue water, just out nearshore when we are having a "nicer" day. 


I am primarily looking at early 2000s TE boats with my budget. Additionally, the bay boats I have run have all rode better at higher speeds where they can go across any kind of bay chop, a lot of these boats have 150s, is that enough power to get the most out of the boat?




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I've got a 2000 2200v with original Yamaha 150 (what a great engine), and have been 20+ miles offshore fishing for dolphin in the keys. It's a great boat for what you're describing.

Because of the lower freeboard, I probably wouldn't go far offshore if it was over 4' seas. Though I haven't had this happen, I imagine it'd be easy to take a rogue wave over the bow and have your day get messed up. Though I guess up in Charleston area your waves are often further apart than down in South Florida where I'm used to running, so maybe 4' seas would feel like nothing.

As far as how it handles, it's a very light hull, so going over 20 knots in 2' chop is doable, but not pleasant for extended periods. Maybe age is getting to me. I prefer to run a little slower.

It's not a limitation of the engine, though. The 150 performs perfectly for my needs. Hole shot is good and my top speed is 40mph, which is a great speed when I'm in the mood to lose my hat and sunglasses. I personally wouldn't want any more than that on this boat, though some folks put 200 or more. The older boats already sit a bit low in the stern (I suspect due to the "sea chest"), so the heavier weight of a bigger engine isn't desirable to me. 

I would definitely recommend a jack plate for ideal trim. (I believe those were standard on the TE?) Then you can raise up for skinnier water, get more efficiency running when it's calm, and then drop it down when you need more grip in rougher seas.

If you're ever up in the Atlanta area on a windy day, I'd be happy to take you out on Lake Lanier if you'd like to try before you buy. 

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I have owned a Pathfinder 2200  since 2004.  I  presently have a 225  with a jackplate. I have had it  off  shore in the Atlantic on days with 5  to 7 seas and felt safe the entire time. And trimmed correctly with a little  tab the boat will run fast  and smooth in some fairly rough conditions. My family and I have fished in a foot of water to several hundred feet of water and never had an issue. The boat is also fantastic to pull up to a beach and just relax.

I have always felt safe with my family in my Pathfinder and we have MANY great memories. 

MOD Bubba

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