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For Ralph


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Hey Ralph- 

Having recently had surgery, I know at this point you are probably (hopefully) getting a lot of sleep and just recovering.   I know I watched every fishing YouTube video I could find to keep me occupied, so I posted up a few to entertain you.  Hopefully it isn't painful to watch - for me it was therapeutic (until much later in the recovery process when I was getting impatient)


Anywho, hope you enjoy.   Heal up, bud.




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I want to THANK everyone on this forum for looking out for me .

Texting me PM ing me , calling me , and visiting me .

Never in my life , would I have thought that a backwoods country city slicker like me , would get so much absolute great vibe about your whole situation, as I have received from this forum !!!!!!!!!!!

I feel blessed to have this forum looking out for me and my wife .



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