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Fuel tank 2002 HPXV


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I've just bought a 2002 HPXV. Instead of the normal ( 28 gallon?) tank, this one has a 16 gallon aluminum tank made by TNT in Ft. Pierce in 2002. I'm guessing it was installed at the factory for the original owner. I'd like to remove it and install a larger (24 gallon) tank in it's place. Do any of you have any experience/tips on this sort of project? Thanks.

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Had that done on my 15HPX. I'll bet it is not the original and since it's aluminum it may come through the hatch. If not you have to drain it and fill it with water to get it clean and cut it and take out the pieces. The hatch size will dictate how big and what the dimensions will be. If you call TNT I think they can tell you what to buy. God luck!

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