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In the market to pick up a New or Used truck before year’s end.  I’m currently driving a 2005 Duramax 6.6l that has been a really good work truck.  Will be turning this truck into a service vehicle for my business.  Our other service vehicle is an 06 F250 Powerstroke that has the trash engine.  Lots of issues until we finally did a delete.  Other vehicle is an 04 Cummins 6sp manual tranny dually.  This is a fantastic truck but thinking about trading this one in.  It’s a 2WD truck and we need 4WD.  

This next truck needs to be 3/4 Ton Diesel.  I think Ford is out of the picture due to previous experience with the brand.  Considering Duramax again but have been reading that they’ve had issues with the engine off and on.  My model just happens to be the good one.  Leaning Dodge Cummins but have been reading about tons of issues with recent models.  

Truck will probably be more of a daily driver for me.  Not a bunch of towing but will need to be able to tow some 14K and heavier dump trailers.  Have considered going 1 ton but don’t want to get into a dually.  Would consider single rear wheel 1 ton truck but have to have crew cab and may require long bed.  

Any experience with these brands/models on the forum?  


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There will be several opinions. Let’s face it, they are all good trucks, most folks are dedicated to what they like. That being said. I have been driving duramax for almost 20 years. Back in 2010 when the economy tanked, I had to keep driving my 2009 for quiet a while. When things started coming around I purchased a slightly used 2015. Sold the 2010 with 350k miles. For 10k. Could have and should have gotten more, ignorance on my part. The resale on gm is outstanding. Used ones don’t sit on the lot very long. I am currently in a new one and as always, I love it.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to own any of the big 3 diesels.  They all are gonna have some sort of issues. I have an 04 Duramax that has been an awesome truck… bought it new. It’s old but still gets the job done.  It was my daily driver up until 3 years ago.  I still use it to tow my tractor and boat.  If I was to buy new I’d go Chevrolet again

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