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Maverick Comparisons


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I am looking for a new boat and I’m not entirely sure what I am looking for so I would like to hear some thoughts from everyone. My last two boats were an older action craft 18’ which was fast, stable, had plenty of storage, but was pretty wet drafted close to 12” and was impossible to pole. Next I got a Beavetail B2 which I really liked, handled great for technical skiff, dry, and floated in 6”. I hated the lack of storage especially the lack of dry storage and kinda slow. I fish in Charleston and have long runs at times with open water being apart of the run. With the pressure on our fish I find better success in the shallow water and would like a boat that can get shallow. I like fishing small local tournaments so the boat has to have a live well that can keep redfish alive. I will pole but I spend slot of time on the trolling motor. My budget is around $30k

I’ve considered an 17 HPX micro which I imagine will be similar to my B2 in performance. Does the micro ride better than a T model? I’ve hear the t model is not the best for rough water. Whats the story with the micro, is it a hpx v with a different bottom?

I’ve also considered an older hpx v which seems like a good mix between my past two boats and could be a match if I can find one in my budget. 

older mirage 2 boats have caught my eye too. How do these compare to hpx v models?

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I had a micro for a number of years and loved the boat. It would do all of the things you described above. Dry storage check, rough water performance check, stable check. The reason I sold it was lack of live well space to keep 2 redfish alive and speed. It was my favorite of 5 mavericks.  The t model does not do chop well so if you are doing long run in chop not a good choice. My old micro is for sale right now by the current owner.. you might also look at an s model but it might not fit your budget. Good luck with your search. 

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