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2007 HPX 18 Power Pole


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Hey guys, needing some help. Purchased a new to me 2007 Maverick 18. I would like to install twin power poles on the boat. I have been told since 2012 they have glassed in a backing plate but not sure on my year. I have reached out to Maverick and didn't get much assistance. Any help would be appreciated since I am sitting on two power poles. I would put on motor mounts if someone said it would work.


Thanks all!

18 HPX Trailer 2.jpeg

18 HPX Trailer.jpeg

18 HPX water.jpeg

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you can make your own backing plate using 1/4 aluminum plate that is one to two inches larger than the 4 holes.

think big square plate...you can then use large stainless washers for added attachment


check with Powerpole about the engine mount...


Mike at Master Repair can also give you advice if you are in Florida.




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