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Removing white caulk from Pathfinder 24TRS


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The white caulk used on my 2018 Pathfinder 24TRS around the midship gunnell and around the helm has become a little tacky and easily picked with fingernail…..almost like this summer heat is cooking it and making it soft…I keep the boat under an open air shelter by the way.  The white caulk was covered in the dreaded black mold when I first got the boat..   I put a light bead of soft scrub with bleach over the affected areas and let set overnight several months ago.  They killed the mold, but I think it permanently softened the caulk MBG uses….I assume 5200.  Am I crazy contemplating trying remove all of this existing caulk and then going back with black caulk?  Should I use 5200 or 4200?

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