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   A couple years ago, I bought a "boat shoe" made by Crocs and they were great. I liked them so much, I bought a second pair and stored them away. Well, after about a year the soles of the shoes became very slick. They still had plenty of tread because I only wore them in the boat.  But they were dangerously slippery. I started wearing the back-up pair and tried everything to remove the slipperiness from the original shoe soles. I tried mineral sprits, Acetone, Dawn dishwashing detergent. But nothing worked. I finally ground some of the rubber off with a grinding wheel and a wire brush and that helped, but still not suitable for wearing in the boat. 

   I use Starbright deck cleaner about every other fishing trip and Woody's Wax about every three months. My only conclusion is maybe the soles absorbed some wax or chemical  from using these products. Can anyone recommend a good boat shoe and have you worn them long enough to recommend them?

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