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Boarding ladder for a Redfisher 16 (fixed, not portable)?

David Jones

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If I may put forth a piece of personal knowledge with regards to this specific set up; the strap that The Outlaw uses to hold the ladder together while underway, wrap it around your steering wheel to remind you the ladder is down. After a swim and resting in the boat you, actually I had a tendency to forget it was deployed and would take off only realizing it was down when I noticed the performance of the boat.

  Just my .02 cents. Not to mention when it gets bent, getting it out of the mount can be difficult! 

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On 8/3/2023 at 10:37 AM, THE OUTLAW said:

I have the best ladder setup , for the Redfisher .

Happy wife , Happy life 







Outlaw did you cut a access hole in that livewell? Would love a pic if so.

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For me , that is no longer a live well , it is a fish coffin!

I did thru bolt , the top tow holes .

I hole sawed two 1.25” holes , where the top two bolts, would be .

Then , I siliconed a thin piece of metal , over the holes ,

I then , Sea Decked the inside , of the whole hatch.

Fish take a Ice Nap in there now .

It’s like having a second cooler , on the boat .

Have no need for two live wells.

Gulp is all you need !



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