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2023 2200 TRS W/ 250 SHO

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1 hour ago, dcollins said:

Just an update, dealer had a Bravo 1FS 20 in stock that I am going to run. Ken at Prop Gods also suggested this would be ideal for my set up. 

Once I get the boat wet, I will update for the record. 

I ran a Power Tech OFX4-21 on my F250 on 24 Pathfinder and it worked great.

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3 minutes ago, HoneyB said:

Ouch !!! 
 If that is the 20 pitch you may find out you hit the max rpm rather easily. 
 2200trs is a great boat. I love mine. 

We shall see! Ken over at Prop Gods suggested the 20. Just so happens the dealer had 1 on the shelf so that’s what we are spinning for now. 

Leaves room for adjustment and a “spare prop” purchase. Pretty much every boat I have owned I always get another prop for backup after the first initial adjustment period. 

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Yes sir! Had the boat out yesterday for the first time in a while. Still finding the sweet spot with the jack plate and trim. I was able to get the RPMs up around 55-5600 with top speed about the same (55-57) so it runs pretty square. There are times when the RPMs run higher than the mph however in the 40-4500 range. Skeptical of how precise the pitch is since the prop was damaged and repaired before I ever got to really run it. Might take out some of the “ported” knock out things and see how it does. Should increase the rpm i’d think.  

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