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Buyer Beware


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Just putting this out there. I purchased this........


  because I had a drip on the original seals, so just like anyone would do I replaced the seals for safety reasons. Well this past Thursday the wife and my kids all had the day off so I took the day off to take everyone on the boat along with the dogs. As I got past the last channel marker leaving the marina I noticed that my steering was not reacting properly and I noticed the hoses jumping/bouncing like they had air in it. Now I replaced these seals in May before my annual Key's trip, bled the system and everything was fine, worked great. Now 2 months later as I look back before throttling up I turn the wheel and see hydraulic fluid GUSHING out from the starboard seal and I was stuck going around in a circle because I did not have enough fluid to make it out of the turn. With the help of my youngest daughter I was able to get minimal steering back in order to make it back to the ramp. In order to get the motor to turn I removed the fill plug in order to let the air come out and get any remaining fluid to the ram. By turning the wheel 20 or 30 times I was able to get the motor to move just enough to get back to the ramp, however it was not pretty.

  Needless to say I will be purchasing OEM equipment with regards to my steering systems. Considering I literally had my entire life on that boat and to think what could of happened, I am thankful for the way it happened and when it happened! Buyer Beware! 

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I’d be curious to know how they look when you take them out.  Almost sounds like a seal was installed backwards in the gland?  

Glad you made it back safe!  Years ago I blew a line while towing a kneeboarder in Westwood lakes.  Thankfully I wasn’t going fast enough to hurt anyone or anything.  Steering is mega important on a boat, especially when there is no backup when it goes.  

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 Just an update, I bought the Viton seals & caps from 5star marine, thanks jh! I wanted to change the seal on the piston in the ram but could not find one. So I called Five Star and the guy on the phone was cool as heck and he said that those seals are special. They are a Teflon seal with metal reinforcement and are heated and pressed on, custom. He advised do not mess with it, they never go bad. I listened and just passing it on. 

Thanks all! 

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