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2002 Pathfinder scupper repair

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Has anyone fixed the pictured scupper on a pathfinder boat before?  Both of mine are shot and different than any I see online to retro fix.  These have an umbrelka-like flap that sesls on a round platic wagon wheel looking piece thath snaps into a groove inside the outlet port pictured.  First off, does anyone know who made these and if i can get a replacrmrt umbrella flapper?  Any other ideas on easy replacement of the original scupper?  My fittings are difficult to grt to plus the nut on the back side was sesled in by the factory so i will need to cut them with a  dremel and punch the pipe  out thru the hull.  Any ideas to makr this easier?


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Many owners place Raybuds on their boats. I have them on my 2004 Pathfinder 2200...Some attach them with round extenders and some use square extenders (Provide extension above the chrome pucks.) You can search "Raybuds" in the search link at the top right of the Forum page. I am attaching the links to a couple examples. PS: Forum Member "HOBO" is the best at this. The first link  is an example how I did mine long ago and they are working fine to this day.

MOD 2 "Bubba"




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1 hour ago, Jeff Texas Trout Fisherman said:

Thanks guys, i ordered the rabuds and matrrial to make gge spacers.  Appreciate the help.

Thats what this forum has been all about. And if you search a subject matter, there is a very good chance it has been discussed by people who have experienced it!


MOD Bubba

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