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It was a slow day in the park for us.  The parking lot was also empty which I know is a thing in the summer but the weather was calling for a great day.  The wind was suspose to have been out of the south but it wasn't.  It was coming out of the west and I think that's what screwed things up a bit.  We bounced around a couple wrecks and nada, not even a goliath.  I mean we caught a crap load of jacks and the dreded catfish but nothing of quality.   Water clarity was poor everywhere we went, even offshore.  Tried the beach where it had been hot and no one was home or they all were on lock jaw.  Decided to go back in the creeks and tried a new area.  I did get a nice snook, trout at the mouth of the creek and a snapper.  We had dinner and the snook was a fun fight.  27 inches so I'm getting closer to that 28-33 slot.  The pic makes the fish look small but I measured since I was curious.  Anyway, we had to wait for a storm to blow over at the ramp and after a little time passed, I dumped the bait in the water and took off.  Big mistake!!!!  I saw 5 free floating BIG triple tail on the way back.  After trying with artificials, it just wasn't working so in we went.  Lesson learned!



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