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"Sissy Bar" for poling platform

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Hello  Outlaw :  this is JAG76 , I’m  not sure if this is the correct way to contact you . I posted a message  yesterday about needing assistance to find someone that could make a leaning post that is removable and could be installed either from the front or back side of my poling platform. As cap Steve had referenced above. Several members gave me options ! Both MuddyBottom and the Moderator suggested that I should contact you.. I’m currently in the middle of multiple remodeling projects at home . However this is as important as well.  I have an idea to the shape I’m looking forward  you could possibly help with the best Dimensions  for my platform and my height. My boat is a 96 Maverick 17 MA . I can provide you with some pictures and dims . I will also need the lower support tubes to attach to the underside of the platforms cross members .I have a few friends that work with me in the aviation field who can weld both Mig or Tig weld. Do these mounting tubes have an internal Teflon or Melamine sleeve bushing? When you have a-little time . I would certainly look forward to hearing from you at your convenience . Thank you for your consideration .hopefully we can’ share this project here for others to enjoy .Jim

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