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Lobster Adventure - Lower Keys


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Got an invite from my buddy to go "lobstering"...his neighbor is a lobster hunter for over 30 years......

Conditions were really difficult....Here are a few pics.......overall we found about 60+; however, only 22 were legal.....lots of short..


On the cleaning table......





on the boat......






Our lobster hunter......




Our young lobster hunter....





Some lobster pics with the NIKON 105 MACRO and NIKON 14-24 prime....



















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2 hours ago, Moderator said:

Nice work Dino !

Good to have deck space for the Brownie and the bags of gear, Huh ?? 
Lobsters are beautiful critters when you take the good photos.. !!



We were moving from coral head to coral head and we decided to keep the Brownie on the back of the CAT....it was a small cat with twin 115's.

In other spots, we did dump it and the hunters were floating in the current.......

I'm working with a friend who is a commercial lobsterman and make a day in the life.....

Thank you for the compliments.




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