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Okay, I can't stand it anymore


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I must be getting old, or maybe the world really has lost it's mind.   Like many of you, I spend some time on MicroSkiff.   I always thought the prices for Mavericks on here were a little nuts until I started watching those classifieds.   Don't get me wrong, I get that a Hells Bay waterman is a good boat for what it does, but 25 year old boats with tiny little engines are going for 40-50K  . . . . and selling!   When I first saw those I laughed out loud, thinking about asking 45K for my 23 year old MA with twice the horse power.   I"ve seen so many HB watermans go for 40K I've become numb to it now.

Until this.   Drake Outlaw - really nice little boat.   40K.   WITH A 25HP MOTOR.    That's a 5K motor on a 41K boat?  No steering, no rigging, just fiberglass and an engine??   

If that thing sells for 41K, I'm going to start building boats . . .  

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40 minutes ago, Lap it Up said:

Guess you need to look at aluminum lol. Last week I bought my daughter her first boat. 16’ Roughneck for $2,500.  Oh… and it has 60hp!! 😉





Winner winner chicken dinner.  My son bought an aluminum G3 - 146 sportsman.   I'm impressed as heck over that boat - it handles chop almost as well as mine does!   


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19 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

If that thing sells for 41K, I'm going to start building boats . . .  

LOL...I think you'll find boat building these days is a very risky business.....lots of little guys come in and out of the boat building industry.

But, I agree....$41K for a skiff just does not seem reasonable....but, neither is $160K for a new HPS or over $100 for a fully loaded HPX these days.....



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The prices are insane but having previously owned a 16 Waterman and 18 Guide they are insane boats for what they are designed for. The build quality is light years ahead of my 2003 Pathfinder and both of my HBs were from the same era (2001).  But with 3 kids I needed more room without going to an offshore style. 

prices in cars and boats seem to be creeping down from what I’ve seen. 

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