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Biscayne nights, 16 August


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We fished the falling tide on Sunday and Monday nights this week and found small to medium tarpon in both docklights and up under bridges.  Since I'm still in the break-in period with a new motor, the Sunday was with a buddy - the Monday night was a charter.   That first night we jumped five or six fish, getting two to the boat for a release - the remainder jumped off in fine fashion.  We alternated between spinning gear with lures (mostly DOA shrimp) and fly gear.  I actually got to do a bit fishing myself for a change.  Here's a pic or two of one fired up small tarpon, about 20 to 25lbs and this old guy enjoying the ride...



with a 9wt rod (TFO, Mangrove Coast), an old Billy Pate reel, and a hooked up fish I was enjoying the night...


first time to the boat after a few minutes of slugging it out


second time to the boat, two or three more times and I was finally able to leader him for the release...


The second night we found even more tarpon - but not one of them interested in anything we were working (just spinning gear that second night).  But we were able to turn it around with some docklight snook and jack.  Here's our best for the evening.. .



You know you're fishing around Miami Beach - when the docklights come with additional blue and pink neon lights... 

This time of year, hot as it is - night trips are a great idea...


"Be a hero... take a kid fishing"


Tight lines,

Bob LeMay


1988 custom rigged Maverick skiff... 

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