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Cobia 19 and PF 1900V comparison question


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As far as early 2000s models go I see one or two differences between these in terms of layouts and hatches depending on the year, but are the hulls the same? they seem to me to be very similar.

I'm going to be seriously shopping in a few months and these are my lead contenders though I know one will be hard to find.

Any major differences between the ride or other things to keep in mind?

Currently I have a 1999 PF 17T - time to upsize for the family... a tale as old as time.

Thanks all!

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double check, but pretty sure Cobia pre- 2008 was not MBG product.  Cobia brand been around for decades, was at best a 'value' boat.  MBG bought the dealer network, the brand name and pretty quickly begun redesign of hulls and build quality.    17T is a cool boat, but 'upsize' to family puts you at least in the 19-22 size.  Good luck in your search


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I have an '06 2000v.  It's a good (not great) fishing platform for 2 people.  3 gets tight.  Running isn't fun.  I think a 22 of some sort is a sweet spot for a do Most boat.  I had my family (4) in the Keys and we did a little joy riding around Marathon.  It's not a comfortable family boat.  Depending on what you're doing with them and the size of the family, you may want to look at a larger platform.  Maybe even the 23. 


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I had a 2009 Cobia 19 and now a 2016 2200TE. Honestly I do no think that the 2200TE does that much better on the water. 

Cobia is a very similar hull as the Pathy 1900, Cobia has higher gunnels and weighed more. The Pathy handled better running creeks, but on open water the Cobia was better. The cushioned hatches and no under gunnel rod storage were my biggest gripes.

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