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New On Board Charger - Recommendations?


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Just switched out all Batteries;  Crank and 36v system.  I currently have a Stealth DC Charger and a 3 Bank Dual Pro.  Danny at Stealth walked me through hooking up the system to charge everything properly using the 3 bank even though I have 4 batteries.  It’s also setup to work allowing Battery 2 to crank the boat if Battery 1 is down so it works, I just would rather have the system made for the 4 batteries.  Prefer being able to look at a visual meter showing the status of all 4 batteries.  as it stands it’s kind of a cluster with the meters on the 3 bank.

All that said, any suggestion on changing from the Dual Pro 3 bank to a 4 Bank?  I would imagine that the Stealth AC charger would be a good one but seems like I’ve noticed other options out there that might be worth a look.  Minn Kota?  Power Pro?  Dual Pro?  Stealth?  Thoughts???


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1 hour ago, Fish5 said:

I just recently switched to the noco 4 bank. Happy so far

What were you running before?  I've got the Dual Pro and it is a pretty heavy unit and does take up some space in my CC.  Is the Noco Similar?  I've read several good reviews and may lean that way.  Going to talk to Danny about the Stealth this week if I can reach him but I'm not seeing much current info on Stealth.  Wondering if they are still manufacturing product?

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I’ve had a dual pro sportsman 3 bank that was installed in 2006 on a 2000v I had.  I sold the boat last September and it was still going strong.  I’ve had NOCO smart chargers on 3 other boats and they were also flawless.  My current 24TRS has a Pro Mariner Tournament Elite 360 4 bank, and it too has worked as it should.  I don’t think it matters as long as you stick with main name brand players in the marine charger market.  It would probably be wise to get one that can also charge a lithium battery since I think that is the way of the future.

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