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Prop Change


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8 hours ago, Bamaskeet said:

What’s your performance? 

WOT rpm

WOT speed

Speed at 4000 rpm

Hole Shot

WOT RPM = 6000

WOT Speed = 51 to 53 depending load on boat

4K Speed = 36 to 40  I would have to check

Hole Shot, I have a jack plate and whether it's up or down the boat jumps out of the water.

Looking for more speed with prop change

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DBB, sounds very good to me. I’d leave it be. Why need for 50+ on a 2500. The only thing I see is more fuel burn and wear on the engine. JMO. 😀👍️fin

Ran 37+’ boats for 20 years. Wot 22kts. Cruised at 16kts. The fun is being on the water not how fast you get where you’re going. Cruised my 2200v at 27-30  mph for same reason. Wot was 43 mph.

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On 8/22/2023 at 4:50 PM, DBB said:

Currently running a 15-1/4" X 19 three blade on my Pathfinder 2500 w/Yamaha 300.  Is there a better diameter/pitch prop for this boat and motor?  

Define better???  Really no such thing when it comes to props, every one has its pros and cons.  In order for anyone to give advice on props you need to define what you want to improve on over the current prop or what your goals are.   But again realize make one aspect better will almost always have a negative affect on something else, youll need to know what that is and be willing to sacrifice it




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