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Maverick 18 hpx ride


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I’m looking at a Hpx 18 one is a 2014 and the other 2016. The 2014 has the gas tank that extends forward of the front bulkhead. The 2016 the gas tank is even with the front bulkhead. I’m asking what are the differences and does one ride better than the other? Also maybe someone knows why maverick chose to change the design. Both boats have the Yamaha F115 which is what I want. 

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I thought my 2012 had a 29 gal tank, definitely have to check when I get home. Either way I'd have to try really hard to run it out of fuel, and if I was ever genuinely concerned could always throw a 5 gallon can onboard. I didn't think/know they moved the tank forward, I thought they only moved the hatch forward to make the area more functional/accessible. I put LiON batteries in the front and they are up under the deck because the hatch is back almost over the fuel tank vs the new ones being forward.

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 I came from a Hewes 18' Lappy to the 18HPXV. They are actually very similarly sized with the ride clearly going to the HPXV. I also have spent an extensive amount of time on a 05 - 18' Redfisher with a 150 which is a significantly larger(wider) boat. Fished various other boats here and there. Beyond the Redfisher being more stable the Maverick is better in every other category IMO, the ride in chop is great.

Currently I'm looking to get more shallow but having a tough time giving up the ride for draft of the HPXV right now. I purchased a 17HPXS this last winter and had it for a few months, ultimately ended up selling it. Entertaining buying a HB Pro but would be in the same/similar boat as the HPXS.

I'd kind of like to know what a  HPXS (or similar) with a ~6° would draft and how it would ride vs. the 2°/flat deadrise of the HPXS. Probably the worst of both worlds rather than the best. 😆

But overall you will not regret moving from the Redfisher to the HPXV IMO.


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On 8/31/2023 at 11:19 AM, Tender said:

They are actually very similarly sized with the ride clearly going to the HPXV.

most definitely....and, it is more versatile with respect to trolling....you can walk the gunnels like a RF...but, I've spent a good amount of time on a HPX and find it definitely can cut the chop....the only skiff of it's size that will out run it in a chop is my old MA17 !!!



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Finally remembered to check the fuel tank on my 2012. It's 28 gallons and definitely up against the bulkhead so I don't believe the location ever changed. The pictures below show the hatch location change that I believe was made. The hatch located forward being on current models and the hatch located farther back being like my 2012. It's interesting because Maverick stock photos on their website all appear to be prior to the hatch change. They don't even seem interested enough in the change to update their website.




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