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1900 'FUSHION" ??


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buddy sent me Trader listing for a 2009 1900 Fusion.  (located in Jacksonville)  Never heard of this model??  Appears to have flip up brackets for push pole in gunnel (like old Redfisher), helm very 'modern' looking.. back deck hatches very different from earlier 1900 models.   This board is filled with knowledgeable folks,  so any history about the hull, ride, boat, etc would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  

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I thought the fusion was almost along the lines of a Pathfinder hull cut down for less freeboard. Had a deck layout similar to a flats boat and like Lap it Up said a leaning post and stand up console. The 21's I remember seeing had 250hp+, 19's with a 150. I imagine the ride being similar to a 19' Pathfinder.


I kinda remember them launching it when everyone was broke from the great recession and they didn't sell many and quickly abandoned the idea.


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5 hours ago, Tender said:

Definitely seems more accurate.

Was a good try, but, not well thought out by MBG...it died quietly.......What Lap said is correct on the hulls...basically RF hulls with the ability to stand while driving....

BRING BACK THE 21 MA.....never understood why it was discontinued...


OP - if you are thinking about buying one....consider re-sale value....



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15 hours ago, Lap it Up said:

Can’t speak much for the 1900, but the 2100 fusion fetches good money and has held its value very well.  It’s one of my favorite MBC boats and I follow a lot of the sales.  

Good info Lap....I've only seen discounting on the 1900....if the 21 holds...interesting, but, must b a specific buyer...that was my concern when I mentioned consider re-sale.



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