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Considering selling my redfisher 16’


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Guys, I’m consider selling my 01’ RF 16’. I’m posting here because I’ve not convinced myself this is the right thing to do. Some details, bought the boat in 20’ out of Charleston. I’m the 3rd owner. Tach was not operational when I bought, still isn’t. Assume wiring is culprit and also assume witing may be original. Engine Compression test when purchased was stellar I don’t know how many hours are on engine, previous owner stated 250 when I’d purchased based on tach reading when still functioning. Engine seems to be strong. 90 2 stroke Yamaha. Looks amazing, previous owner and myself took great care of. 
Reasons for considering sale: 1.  lack of use. I’m about 5.5 hrs from gulf of FL. If I’m lucky, I may fish down there 6-8 days a year.  2. Trailer. Trailer appears to be original magic trail-I’ve sanded some rust and replaced hubs and tires this spring but just smoked a hub after putting maybe 1500 miles on it-frustrating.  3. Wiring. If I sell, I’ll either have to fix this or disclose.  The only thing I’ve noticed with it is my garmin sometimes won’t turn on, after some disconnect and connect it’s good. 4.  It’s paid for but it sits. I’d plan to buy another boat, likely before next tarpon season or I may put the money in a hysa and use the interest to fund annual trips instead. But I have the rods, flies, etc. and I love boats and love being able to go when a little time presents itself. 

So, what do y’all recommend I do? Boat seriously looks showroom. I don’t know what would be a reasonable price to ask for it, I don’t know if I want to sell it. Trailer situation is really bothering me. 



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