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Duck Lease Scouting Run

George Seither

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Some cooler mornings have arrived, made the scouting run to see how many of the 4 routes thru the marsh were open, 1 route open! Lillys were blocking major routs and some ponds, Gator fishermen could only get to 1/2 their lines set, saw a load of Mexican Tree Ducks and about a dozen Blue Wing Teal, water looked great rootbeer colorIMG_2214.thumb.jpeg.63a5f4e544cd6c592d7a18835744d532.jpegIMG_2216.thumb.jpeg.9d844d98a2462d4ef82217ae8f941cb5.jpegIMG_2217.thumb.jpeg.f858523fcf99065caf51d3d0ba73c38e.jpeg

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Will a couple of cold fronts blow the hyacinths back out of the way in the canals ?

And the Mexican tree ducks, are they the silly beige birds with pink bills that whistle and wheeze when they flock up ?

Love Teal shooting ! It’s a full contact sport in S Florida with the clouds of nasty mosquitoes. Sure is fun hunting out of flats skiffs in the September season !

Thanks Geo !


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They move around with the wind and they regularly shift around (Thats the issue the Gator Trappers are having they moved on line sets), a super high tide helps them float out or first hard freeze will knock them down in the shallow pond areas, first photo with the water control valve is 2 miles long, those are trapped, it'll take a mud boat with a V-8 to cut into that route, all a surface drive will do is get you in a small way's and get ya stuck! then it's hours of digging and working the engine to get out, been there and done that, and yes that's the Mexican Tree Ducks, they are a recent (recent being last 12 to 15 years) arrival in migration but leave early.  We're hoping for a few Teal this season and it is a blast and if the heat breaks a bit some Bass and Red fishing!

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