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2002 RF16 Asking Price?


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I'll be putting my 2002 RF16 up for sale in the next week or two.  Looking for some thoughts on asking price.  The used boat market has been a total s#$t show the last few years and I'm not sure if it's settled down or not.  I see a lot of boats listed for premium prices but who knows what they settle for.  Here are the details....

2002 RF16 Fighting Lady Yellow - Hull, deck, gunnels, transom are solid.  It has some bumps, bruises and scratches that you would expect in a 21 year old fishing boat.  Original wiring, plumbing and fuel tank.  New bilge pump but center live well pump should be replaced soon.  Second set of Lenco Trim tabs both work but port side seems to be slower than the other.  Carpet under gunnel needs to be re-glued or replaced. 

2002 115HP 4 stroke Yamaha 427 hours.  The valve control and engine control unit assembly was replace about 100 hours back.  It has a 4 blade PT prop along with the 3 blade Yamaha that came with it.

2019 Road King Trailer

8' PP Pro Series II, Minn Kota Riptide 80/ST,  9" Garmin - Echomap UHD 94SV with UHD Scanning-Sonar Transducer, 21' Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole

Boat is located in Upstate South Carolina


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lots of variables IMHO


1.) do you need to sell it?  Need the $$$

2.) I would do a search on boat trader within 200 miles of you and price it on the high side

3.) do a primo detail job and don't use the boat so it show it's best...take lots of pics and post them so they can be easily seen...never know when someone will buy it just based upon photos....interior, exterior, hull, engine, etc. etc.

4.) if no bites in a month, lower the price....

5.) off the top of my head, I would say it's in the $17-19K range....but, it's only my guess


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It’s a nice boat for sure…being all original wiring and fuel tank….I agree with Wanaflatsfish on price because this could easily turn into another 5K to 7K for restoration. However on the flip side….it could run another 5 years with no issues. It will be 100% up to what buyers you get that are interested. Those are fishing machines. 

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Use it, don’t use it all up to you but make sure it’s ready to show and go at anytime. Price wise agree with wanna by doing a search of what’s on the market including Florida. Buyers are willing to travel for a good boat. As stated post as much detail as possible and lots of photos. Clean the storage area’s and the bilge and inner console, shows and tells a lot about the seller.

JMO, one month posted is too long before dropping to a lower price and would not start at the high end. To many overpriced boats flooding the market as it is. Be realistic in pricing, what would you pay and figure in its location and how popular it is  in the surrounding areas. Best of luck. Looks like a nice clean sled. 😀👍️fin.

wanna seems right in the ball park with price, me a tad lower. He knows his boats. 🏆

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