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2006 24’ Pathfinder Tournament - Livewell Issue


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Need some help. I have an issue with my livewell compartment (in hull) holding air. The pocket which is made into the hull has a metal grate on it but I’m having problems with air getting stuck in it. The pumps run and I the seacock is open but the pumps will not pull water through into bilge. 

Any help? 

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Try to flush the system with a garden hose. Force water into the discharge (inside the live-well) and see if water flows freely out of the cheese-grater (under the boat). While you're forcing water backwards through the system, look for leaks at the pumps, strainers, hoses and metal plumbing. If you have leaks, that is also a source of air leaks when the pumps are running, and the pumps won't prime and pump water. 

The other common problem is the height of the pumps above the water line. If your strainers and pumps are assembled in a vertical position, it's possible that they are too high above the water line to prime and pump water. 

The solution to this problem is to install a 90 degree elbow on top of the shut-off valve (sea-cock). Then reassemble the strainers and pumps in a horizontal position. This position keeps the strainers and pumps close to the water line and should solve the problem. 

Maybe someone can post a pic of the pumps in a horizontal position, so this makes sense. 


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