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Saving a turtle

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Years ago my family was scalloping in Steinhatchee. My wife was close to the boat with my youngest who was around 6 years old at the time. She motioned me to come to the back of the boat where she told me that crab pot was swimming toward the boat. She was watching it closely because at first she thought the boat was drifting on the anchor. Once she realized the boat was stationary and the crab pot was moving toward us she did not have any further business in the water and she and the baby got in the boat rather quickly. I followed them onto the boat to see as the crab pot swam buy it was wrapped around the neck of a rather large turtle. We loaded the other swimmers and gave slow chase. I found the turtle had several wraps of crab pot line tightly around his neck. It had been there for a long time as it was deep into the turtles skin by now. We were able to remove all the line from the turtle and let him swim away. I have a short piece of the line and the attached float hanging in my garage till this day. 



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Good job, Men!  Good thing they don’t bite.  Have never run across a tangled turtle but have free’d a bird.  https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cyll00OuyXB/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== 

Back Story…. These two guys are probably my oldest and best friends ever.  We’ve been around the world and back.  We’re not fishermen but we try and act the part.  Our Dad’s were best buddies and have taken many trips together including a few Father-Son trips with us.  My Dad had passed away a few years prior to this trip but we were able to talk their Dad in to heading down on a trip that we had always tossed around.  Their Dad probably never had an interest in fishing but just loved to be with his peeps.  He was a big traveler logging countless miles behind the wheel.  He had several passions and one was music.  Always making “Mix Tapes” prior to a trip to get the adventure started and after the trip to memorialize it.  We’re shiner fishing down on the Big O and a bird swoops down to get his bait but ends up tangled in the line just as Freebird comes on XMRadio.  He sat there for a minute and said “We gotta free the bird.”  This would be his last fishing trip and for a guy that wasn’t a fisherman, he tore them up.  These are the moments that prove to be the best ROI for all of the equipment, gas, bait, etc.  

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