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Anchor That Fits in 1900V Front Hatch


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I just picked up an ’02 1900V and am looking to see what anchors everyone is using that fit in the front hatch. I used to have the same boat a few years back and I recall the smallest size fortress anchor always had issues fitting in the compartment with the lid properly closed. I was looking at picking up the 5lb Performance2 anchor from West Marine along with 10 feet of ¼’ chain coupled with 150 feet of double braided line. Any insight on whether this would fit and if not, what anchor / setups are being used for the 1900 that fit well in the compartment?

I used to have a small galvanized fluke anchor with my old 1900T that I remember worked well, but forget what the specs were. Looking to keep the price of the anchor itself under $100 and on the lower end.

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