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Dock and Grove popper


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Well it has been a while since I've tied but after reading Justin's post about Dock Snook it got me thinking about Flys for the cooler months coming up with the Fish switching up from Mullet to smaller Bait fish. So I went with two patterns that worked well for me last winter a popper and a greenie/white bait pattern.

Materials used:

1. Mustad 34007 #2 hook

2. pearl crystal flash for tail

3. Red EP Fibers for gills

4. EP 3-D Fibers in white and everglades for body

5. EP Sparkle brush in Pearl palmered around head

6. Foam popper head

7. White thread.

Step 1.

Place popper head on hook just behind eye and epoxy in place. Let dry.


Step 2.

Start at bend of hook even with point and wrap hook with thread. Add Pearl crystal flash and gill material.


Step 3.

Take a small clump of body material(about the size of hook shank when compressed) and tie in ON TOP OF HOOK. I used about a 5" piece and halved it. Fold the forward facing piece toward the back and wrap 3 times. I put my dark color on top.


step 4.

Next take another piece of body material (same size as last) but the lighter color and tie on to side of the hook. Wrap 3 times and fold the forward facing piece to the opposite side and secure.


Step 5.

Is a repeat of step 3.


Step 6.

Take a piece of the Sparkle brush and tie it in just in front of the body material and palmer forward.



Step 7.

Finish off tieing the head and whip finish. I put a small drop of Hard-as-nails on the knot to hold and let dry.

Step 8.

Take out of vise and lay on flat surface and comb out and blend colors together.


Step 9.

Once combed out cut to desired shape and finish popper head with eyes if you wish.


These are awesome by the Trees have yet to try one near the Docks. All so made this as well but still needs a head.


Now if I can just get out and get them wet. They look good in the pool test lets see what the Feesh think of them.

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You tie in one end of your material and depending on what it is i.e. hackle or rabbit strips and the way its cut depends on the way you spin it. But the EP sparkle brush you just tie it in on one end and palmer forward toward the hook eye while pushing back on the material after every wrap. That keeps the strands going toward the rear of the Fly then tie off when you have what you want.

Give me a call sometime Justin so we can discuss flys for up this way.

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looks good.

you can take a sharpie and color the popper head.

take the sharpie and do one line down the top from front to back. than take your finger and rub the ink down. you can make some nice colors.

rember to do light colors 1st.

i will try to get some photos of a couple that i have left.

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That's right....my girl can tie a mean pink clouser!!!!!!! It's funny to see her at the vise....she really get's into it....and daddy and Joe must use, but more importantly CATCH, using her fly!!!!!! That's a cool pattern....Joe..."tie em up!!!!"

Sounds like you can make a business out of it... ;)

...sorry must be the Asian blood in me that makes me think about child labor.

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Shoot Joe I'm still trying to get together with you up here on the water.

Cristian has sat with me at the Vise quite a few times. Will get him started when he asks to do it for sure. I figure with Tying, Fishing and the best parenting I can possible give I won't end up with one of those little ***s you here about on the news or start fights on forums.

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