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Photo Printer Business - I would like comments / ideas. (mods feel free to delete if you feel it's too commercial)


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I have "semi-retired" and want to revive my love for photography....I am awaiting approval for my CUA for Everglades National Park will I will be taking photographers on guided trips.

One of the other "ideas" I have, is to specialize in processing and printing for sportsman, large format photos....

I purchased a commercial printer where I can print 24" by say 36" prints (no limit on the length actually ).

I am wonder from the forum, if you'd think this might be something which you'd be willing to participate.

So many of us have the "fish photo on the phone", but, we don't many times print a high quality memory...

I have looked at the market, and the "commercial 20x24 prints" are in the $60-75 range and they only do minor color corrections....as well, I have the ability to make frames and cut glass....

I figure a large photo framed would go for about $200 or so....on a mat insert with glass...



Here I am setting up the new office.....


Here is the first photo off the printer with the EPSON team to be sure it printed....I was amazed on how well it printed with a single JPG.






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Just now, Carolinadrifter said:

Also I’ve seen aerial shots of hunting properties with the property boundaries marked. Some clubs will mark stands and use magnets to mark where everyone is sitting. Just another idea.



Great ideas...thank you...

Let's me fiddle with some google maps (create JPG) and print out a few....I can get Lamination plastic as well...

Send me a PM and I'll get back to you




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Het DC,

  There was a restaurant in Perrine called Gator Jim's or something like that and they had tables with local maps under the epoxy sealer. The maps were local, Key's, ENP, etc. You could venture into that as well as a table for individuals with family pictures that you print for the collage.


  I knew a guy who had the entire ENP epoxied into his front deck of his boat and just had to look down for routes.


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