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1997 Hewes Bayfisher 16’ repower questions


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It’s time for me to get serious with exploring repower options for my Bayfisher 16.  Does anyone have experience with this poling platform and trying to fit a Yamaha F70 or F90 or Suzuki DF90A under it?  I think the search has been narrowed down to these options.  

I have concerns about adding additional weight to the transom and size under the platform, so the F70 is still an option I’m considering.  

On a budget, so trying to avoid a new platform in addition to the motor.  Any help y’all can provide would be greatly appreciated.  


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There are a couple of members who went the F70 route... here is one that was for sale some time ago.  I'm in the keys and there is one local boat that put a F70 on, but I can't remember the member name... try searching... I would reach out to a member that has the F70 to get a better idea of that is a fit for you.


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Thanks jim33042.  I have done a ton of research online with this forum and others before posting.  I saw those threads but didn't think of reaching out to members directly for their feedback.  I will do that now.  Thanks again!

I would welcome any other information someone can provide too.  My concerns are whether the new motors will fit under the existing platform, if the heavier motors will still allow for the cockpit to self bail, and if the F70 performance was good (I know the 90s would be outstanding performance but worried about the additional weight and size).  

Thanks in advance... I appreciate you guys!

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