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New to me 2003 Refisher 21

Dave P

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Sold my 93 Lappy RF18. Replaced it with this 03 RF21. Hull has 670 hours on it. Came with a 2012 200F with 340 hours. I miss the Lappy but this girl is making parting with it ok. Only ran it a few times at the end of the season here in Maine. Looking forward to getting to knowing her better on Charlotte Harbor this winter. Need to do a few minor tweaks. Only major change is to move the console forward 3-4". its crammed right up against the seat bulkhead with no room to spin the wheel while standing. Doesn't seem to be a very involved modification... Anyone aware of something am missing before tearing into it?


 2003RF4.thumb.jpeg.8ac3929e25525ce90b77856f308913b0.jpeg2003RF3.thumb.jpeg.56fd24e95240a3f25c8c140b3a718ba6.jpeg2003RF2.thumb.jpeg.ddd38c73773cb3836531302519bd1d98.jpeg2003RF7.thumb.jpeg.e25c7c1d7c295782fa0a437ffc13aa07.jpeg2003RF6.thumb.jpeg.6c8953cc58ddd595918c626f77626a69.jpeg2003RF5.thumb.jpeg.c0eff4bbccbb8b21bc5f5e54d1d3aac6.jpeg missing?  

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