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Console Ventilation


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Anyone put some extra ventilation on a late model 18HPX console? My console interior gets a little warm when I have both chargers on overnight. Got some mildew in there during the summer. Thought I could get some more air in there but there is nothing open that's flat or not already used on this console. Charges on one side, electrical on the other inside. Console cover on when stored. Don't want to do the front and the admiral says to make sure they match the black trim.

Ideas appreciated as always.

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On one boat I put vents on each side of console door. On another there was no room so put upper and lower vents on door itself. Worked like a charm. I also added a vent to full console cover. Sometime to get more airflow I would keep door cracked open with cover on for airflow when charging. Just ideas. Fin 👍😀

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