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PSA for Battery Tender Plug users


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This is probably so obvious to everyone else that I'm going to out myself for my stoopidity. . . .    For those of you using a Battery Tender plug for your TM, you may want to take a look at it if it's been in place for awhile.   A few months ago, I noticed for the first time that the screw mechanism that plugs it in was a little stiff.   I didn't think anything of it, but it got tighter and tighter.   I continued to put off looking at it until I found myself in the middle of the Neuse river unable to use my TM.   Turns out that the "stickiness" of the screw mechanism was indicative of a bigger problem - corrosion was starting to form on the contacts of both sides of the plug.   Luckily, I had a little dialectric grease on the boat so I was able to take it apart and clean it up enough to get through the day.    

Yesterday, I took it apart and coated it with fresh dialectric grease on all contact points and connections.  Lo and behold, it's smooth and easy to plug in again.   

These plugs are so great it's easy to forget to maintain them.   Don't be Stoopid like me - go grease your plug!

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18 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

Don't be Stoopid like me - go grease your plug!

Not Stupid at all...just busy like us all...

you post is well received and a reminder....I try and do a bow to stern every couple of months....

1.) Check all the connections with the TM - yes, I have a Battery Tender....Mike at Master Repair has told me countless times one of the worst things is a corroded trolling motor plug....not only the connection at the bow, but, check the breaker and battery connections.

2.) Get in the console and spray all the wiring with silicone and check all the battery connections and use the grease

3.) check all the fuse panels

4.) Check connections to the power pole and the bolts

5.) check the steering using for air bubbles...

7.) check all the lugs on the trailer (I do this every trip anyway)....I check as well all the connections on the lights....I check the air in the tires every trip.

8.) Turn on the bilge by filling the bilge with water and fill it with Dawn to keep it clean

Thanks for the reminder post....





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