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3 tempress seats and quick release


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I can attest to the comfort and awesomeness of these.   My MA came with them, not sure I would have ever bought them, but having had them on the boat, I'd never go back.  Very comfortable on the back, makes passengers feel more secure, and they hold up well.   Oh, and SUPER easy to remove if necessary.  300 is a good price, especially if those seats are in decent shape.  

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 the seats were out of the boat when I picked the boat up. I did slide one on to see how the mount worked. Of course I had to check out the seat and Thought wow these are more comfortable than I thought it would be. As far as the condition they need cleaning but they are in good shape. As far as 300 being a good price feel free to offer More $🤣😂.

open to trades for the project. 


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