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2023 Hewes RF21 Fuel/Water Seperator position


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Hello from AUS 

Have a 2023 RF21 And going by the owners manual i should have a fuel/water separator fitted to the inside of the aft rigging compartment? 

There is nothing there just the hose , Has the factory forgot to install my filter or is it hiding somewhere else 

Pic attached of the new beast 


Cheers Sheafer


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I can't see anything on your post...

Ok, different situation...

Yes, you should have an in-line fuel canister.....the Zuke will have a fuel filter on the engine; however, you should install a pre-filter to capture water and other debris.

There are several options 

1.) Yamaha big blue

2.) RACOR filter with a canister and a plastic view filter

Review the Zuke manual about how many gallon per hour it must filter...but, regular filters should be sufficient.

Best Regards



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The factory may not hang filter setups on hulls sold without motors, so it can be rigged for the warranty on later choice.  Also, there may be export or Oz requirements to be met for vapor or fire protection. 
And.. don’t be a stranger, Sheafer ! We wanna see pics of the outrageous fish you guys box up down there !

Mod Marc

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