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Fuel Issues


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I had a similar issue years ago with my 2300.  Wound up being the ground strap on the engine block.  The factory did not install it flush and it wound up arching and not creating a proper ground.  It was totally intermittent and the dealer spent hours trying to track it down.  First thought it was a fuel issue but just wound up having to remove ground bolt and reinstall with the strap fully in contact with the engine block and retighten.  Might want to just check yours, easy fix if that's it.

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I have a similar issue on my 2022 2600 TRS. It has been maddening. No Alarms or trouble codes. RPMs just drop to nothing and engine stops. I’ve run through a couple tanks of gas since the issue surfaced (good gas). Put throttle in neutral and it starts right back up. Primer bulb seems fine when checked right after stalling. I can run some days and not have the issue at all. When it happens, it happens repeatedly…usually when in rougher water working on/off plane. Idles fine and runs great at or near WOT.  Go out the next day and usually cannot replicate - my shop has not yet been able to replicate in their tests. Shop has run diagnostics and test/checked engine and electrical connections…all seems to be good engine and electrical wise, but will have them check the ground as noted. Separate tank and tearing through the fuel system is next. 

I will post more as soon as I have more info. Please do the same! Thanks!

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On 11/15/2023 at 5:42 PM, jh141 said:

Anti siphon valve. Mine was causing those very issues.

I agree with jh141. The anti-siphon valve is a small spring loaded valve that is mounted on top of the fuel tank. The fuel supply hose is connected to the anti-siphon valve. At higher RPMs the fuel pump is able to keep the anti-siphon valve open, but at lowers RPMs there is not enough suction from the fuel pump to overcome the spring tension and the motor starves for fuel. Anti-siphon valves are cheap and easy to install.  

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