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Cranking Battery for 250 SHO


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Boat is a 2021 22 trs , came from factory with a starting battery rated for 1000 MCA (880cca) and 180 reserve capacity. I added 2 deep cycle group 27 just for trolling motor with one tied to the main battery switch to use in case of emergency. For three years the starting battery has in effect also been the house battery running the pumps all day while fishing. Never had a problem with them drawing down the starting juice. 
Today the starting battery died completely while out. Normal operation until not!  
Just died. Turned switch to back up mode and she fired back up. Ran on the backup TM battery for rest of trip no problem. Now the Grouop 27 DC has 750 mca and it cranked it up no problem. I’m wonder if I should replace the bad starting battery with a deep cycle  ( same one as trolling motor) ? What are guys with the 6 cylinder motors using to start your motors?

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I am running a Group 27 Blue top Optima Marine for the Starting (house) and three deka group 24 agm's  for the trolling motor (36 volt TM) with one wired as backup house. 

If your Starting battery or House is the factory installed battery I would just replace it with a deep cycle rated for 800 cca / 1000 mca like the Optima.

My factory starting battery only lasted about four years.

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My first thought was if you are going to use the starting battery as the house battery you should buy a dual purpose battery. They are supposedly designed for this. I went out to ask Google why that is and found this. 
Simply put, dual purpose marine batteries can perform the function of both traditional deep cycle and starting batteries. With larger, thicker plates than starting batteries, dual purpose batteries are ideal for tolerating deep discharges that would ruin a typical starting battery.Mar 29, 2021

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I have a sho250 and I went with the Interstate (water filled) group 31 battery....lots of RC for cranking and running the Powerpole's, etc.

I have 3 group 31's DEKA's AGM's for the trolling motor batteries....

If I run into a problem, I just go to ALL on the switch..so far, not a problem....

I have a HPS 23 so, it's easy to check the batteries for water levels (the front door of the console opens)....I decided to go with this one as it was reasonable and I bought it from Boat Owners Warehouse....








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12 hours ago, redzone1 said:

Sam’s Club Duracell group 31 AGM is a dual purpose battery with all the specs you need for about $200.  It’s an East Penn Deka AGM with a Duracell label


37 minutes ago, Bamaskeet said:

I’ve had good luck with a Duracell group 31 Agm batteries from Sam’s Club.  I have five of them on my boat - plenty of power for starting.


Agree 100%....that's what I had previously.....problem was the cranking battery DEKA AGM31's went bad and I needed to get out on the water....I had turned the battery back to Batteries plus for a warranty and they needed a week to run some tests....so, I just went BOW and grabbed the Interstate....

The AGM was returned back new replacement....so, I have AGM 31 that if I  need to replace in my TM 36V bank....I have it....



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