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There’s a few older threads on the boating forums regarding Glasser Boatworks, so I thought I’d give me feedback from the work Jonathan completed for me on 11/10/2023. I contacted Jonathan about repairing a few gel coat blemishes on my Pathfinder 2200TRS. The spots were minor and mostly caused by rub rashes from docks and ramps with poor railing. I spoke to Jonathan on the phone at the end of October, sent a few pictures of the areas I wanted addressed, he sent me a fair quote and the boat was at his shop a week later. Once I got to his shop, he showed me around the boats he was building, boats in for repairs, and the repair process for my boat, based on our talks I knew I selected the right guy. Jonathan had the boat for 2 days and had all the spots addressed and back to factory perfection. Jonathan has no doubt perfected his craft and provides a superior service. Throughout the process, he sent me 15+ pictures and communicated multiples times per day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

If you’re in need of gel coat or fiberglass repairs, this is the guy you want to use. Now that he is back in the repair business, I’m certain he will get busy, but I would certainly consider any wait time he has.





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That's great feedback.   Glasser has had mixed reviews over the years on various forums, but like all of these shops, he seems to be a victim of his own success - when these guys get really good at repairs, the demand for them goes nuts, then the complaints start about long wait times, poor communication, etc.   Then the cycle continues.


Glad to hear he's back on the upswing and doing what he's known to do well.   We need these guys and their mad skills.   Thanks for passing along the info.   

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