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Bilge pump light is on but switch is down

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I am still learning the details of my used boat.  I have a 2013 Pathfinder TRS.  I provided a photo below to show that I have the bilge pump switch in the down position so it should be off.  However, the bilge pump switch light is on.  You will see the switch is red in the photo.  What does this mean?  Is the bilge pump still running even though the switch is off?  Is the bilge pump running on automatic?  I didn't hear anything so I think I need to replace my bilge pump.  

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  


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First deal with the bilge pump. With the battery selector switch set to off, put a water hose in the bilge and be sure the automatic float switch turns the pump on and pumps the water out.

If that works then turn the battery selector switch on and confirm the switch on the console turns the bilge pump on.   

Post the results

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To clarify what JH said the red light in the off position is telling you the bilge pump should be running in the automatic mode. This would mean your float switch (if you have one) thinks there is a level in the bilge. In this case your pump should be running. If once put a little water in the bilge and turn the pump on in manual the issue will likely be just the float switch. 
 It is odd that turning it on in manual you cannot hear it running. You may end up replacing the pump and the switch. 

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