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Update Under gunnel rod holder bungee cord replacement


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The Bungee cords in my under gunnel rod holders needs to be replaced. I already have the correct diameter bungee cord but I have not been able to identify what kind of crimp the factory used to connect the end of the bungee cord together. Looks at lot neater than hog rings and will pass though the drilled hole easily.

I would appreciate any ideas on what type of crimp the factory used, but are also open to other ideas.

Looking forward to hear the forums advice  

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Southernwake and Jim33042 I appreciate your suggestions.

I did some further investigation after Southernwake suggested it was hog rings covered with heat shrink.

Tried to cut the "heat shrink" but found it was metal and when I scraped with a knife, copper became visible.

Looking more careful at the crimp I could see that it looked like a non-insulated butt connector painted black to match the cord.rodbungeecord1.thumb.jpg.1f4ce41195c3ceeaefb00694a9fc4183.jpg

After measuring the dimensions with a caliber I found that the dimensions match 8 gauge non-insulated butt connector crimped with a battery terminal crimper. The ID of the crimp looks to be a perfect match for 3/16" bungee cord.

I have the 3/16" bungee cord, but had to order the non-insulated 8 gauge butt connector on Amazon.

I will report back when I have been able to build and replace my rod holder bungee's.

I'm sure hog rings would work also but I would like to match the factory method as this allows the crimp to be hidden in the top hole of the bracket.

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  • reelhooked changed the title to Update Under gunnel rod holder bungee cord replacement

Received the 8 gauge non-insulated butt connectors and I found that 3/16" bungee cord fit the crimps fine. I crimped the connectors with a battery terminal crimp as that produces nice "round" crimps ,that allow the connector to fit into the hole in the rod holder. Only thing left is painting the crimp with Rust-Oleum to reduce any corrosion dripping  from the crimp.

This method seem to match the factory installed bungee cords. I'm happy with the results.

I found that cutting the bungee cord at 19" produced a nice cord tension in the rod holders on my 2021 2500 Hybrid. Most likely the under gunnel rod holders are the same across models. Fine tuning of the length may be needed but should be good as a starting point.  


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