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2005TRS with a 115hp - anybody have experience w this combo?


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Found a really nice (looking) 2020 2005TRS off market with a Yamaha 115.

The seller seems to know absolutely nothing about it, not really answering my questions maybe inherited it or something

meanwhile anybody have rough numbers on this hull/engine combo?

speeds/fuel burn etc?

if it had a 150 id be in the car already most likely.

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I do not have any experience with that combo. I would bet a dime to a dollar that you would have a 40mph boat at best. That is not a terrible thing. With the right prop it would probably have no trouble getting on plane. Most people probably run 30 mph when cruising. You would be doing the same thing but using most of your throttle to do so. 

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I figured and i run medium but will be going long distances regularly too.

There are 3 i know of for sale at the moment and all 3 have 115s... dang.

There's one on boat trader in Alabama but it has a TTOP and a Mercury, one or the other fine... but not both. 

There is another BT listing that looks perfect but they want $75,000 so its not going anywhere (this price and no trailer either) - ill let them stew a while.

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We have the 150 on our 2022 model 2005. I have wondered if it would have been better riding with a 115. This was not an easy boat to fine tune the ride, and I was not pleased initially. However, we put a OFX4 prop on it , and it performs ok, but it will porpoise if trimmed much.

Having said all that, these are really nice fishing boats. I've come to really like ours. It only runs in the 40s for mph, so it's no speed demon. Good inshore/nearshore rig.

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