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Minn Kota 24V, 80lb, 54” **Sold**

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I just upgraded my Pathfinder with the LAST regular (non-LINK) iPilot 80lb alert in stock in the USA from West Marine.  I am selling the Minn Kota that I removed from the boat.  It was originally a Riptide 80 Co-Pilot model that I upgraded with an iPilot control head and iPilot control box assembly in the base, with Bluetooth, heading sensor and iPilot remote .  These upgrades are sold by Northland Marine (https://northlandmarine.com/collections/ipilot-ipilot-link-upgrade-kits/products/minn-kota-rt-st-to-bt-ipilot-upgrade-kit-sw-2774150-24-36v).  It’s in great condition and I just repainted the foot.  Everything works as designed. The only issue I have with spot-lock is when it’s very windy and the tide is strong and often going in different directions. The motor will sometimes get confused (I’m not sure why) and start to roam, as if it’s looking for its spotlock location.  It does not have the issue when it’s calm with little wind or tide.  It will hold for as long as you want it to.  The remote and heading sensor all function flawlessly.  I am asking $800 for the unit and this would have to be a pick-up only item in the Savannah, GA area. I’m occasionally in the Brunswick area and would be willing to take it with me down that far.  








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If anyone has a question about how the 54 inch shaft did on the boat, I felt it was the perfect length for the 1900.  I tried to order another 54 when I was buying the new motor, but like I mentioned before, the one I bought was the last 60” available without LINK, and the 54 was sold out on every vendor’s site.  

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1 hour ago, HoneyB said:

And you keep making it more tempting to buy it for my project. I am just quite a long way from splashing the boat. 

But you aren't a long way away, physically....😆  Text or call me and let's work out something (after tonight. I'm beat after a long week) Nine-Won-2, For-For-1, 1-too-Zeeero-1 (<-- yeah, that's dumb, but the AI and Bots keep getting my number and I'm not going to help them).

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7 hours ago, Renegade360 said:

I'll take this from you. Probably can't get up there till this weekend. I'm down in St Augustine.

I got a message from someone late yesterday afternoon from someone that wants the motor.  If the deal falls thru, you are next up if he doesn’t take it.  I will keep you posted.  

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