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Crystal River Guide recommendation?


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Hey all 

Looking for a guide recommendation in the Crystal River area for March of next year.  Buddy of mine and his boss will be down there and are looking for artificial/fly opportunities.  Primary focus is inshore, but chasing Grouper in shallow rockpiles out a bit would be high on the list as well (not sure if they are still thick then like they are in Dec).   

All the normal aspects of "good guide" apply here:  Good personality, knowledgeable, etc.   

Thanks in advance!  

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Capt Socrates Conomos Silver lining Charters.  Check him out on IG or FB, dude wrecks the fish over there, never met him in person know him thru a forum for quite a few years before he started guiding hes just a regular guy that was ate up with fishing.  His inshore catches are impressive especially the snook... heck I didnt even think snook existed that far north let alone the giants he gets on.  He does the grouper stuff too

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Captain Adam Whitston is great! My family went out with him many days in Jan 2020, before the pandemic, and we had a ton of fun. My wife and I took my MA18, and I put our kids in with Adam, and they caught a million fish, and my wife and I caught a couple, ha!



Here is an episode of The Captain's Log with Adam fishing Crystal River.



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