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1900V Prop Blowing Out With Limited Trim


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Any advice on improving the ability to trim out a 1900V with a Yamaha F115? I recently purchased the boat and noticed that the prop will blow out with a surprisingly limited amount of trim and am looking to increase the usable trim range at speed. I'm currently running a 3 blade prop, but unsure of the pitch / diameter (couldn't find it without taking the prop off), but would assume it's likely the factory prop. Motor is mounted in the highest hole (lowest setting) and I had 5 people on the boat while running, 2 on the post and 3 in the front.

Although not totally comparable, I used to have a 1900T with a 4 inch setback jackplate and do not recall having this issue while both jacked and trimmed up. I was able to hit 38-39mph with 5 people and a full tank / loaded cooler so it seems to be propped well otherwise. Would a 4 blade help this issue / what props are people typically running on 1900Vs with F115s?

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That hull runs pretty flat. The ‘3 people in the front’ will put the bow down a little and raise the stern enough to make it tender in turns, and with trim. 
Next time out, move weight to the back.. Cooler/gear or put a person behind the leaning post on a bean bag. See if that helps a lot. 

Also, you may not have gotten the best prop when you bought the boat. Some people put on their spare props and keep the premium one to sell. If you have no markings on the prop barrel, you may have a generic wheel.

Getting prop recommendations is good.  You could also reach out to Marcus at Powertech props for the best prop for your needs. He is FunkyMonkey here on the Forum. Ken at PropGods is also good with other prop brands. Virtually all performance problems can be solved with the correct 3 or 4 blade prop with the right pitch/rake/ cupping. None are cheap though. 

The 1900’s are fun boats !  Good luck dialing it in !


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Yeah, I agree with everyone. You had way too many people up front to make trimming the boat out properly. I had my dad and 2 of his friends out on a sightseeing trip last year. They all sat in the bow and I couldn't trim out like I needed. Every turn I had the prop blow out. I'm running a PTR4-20 on my 1900T and it's even more prone to blowout in turns if not trimmed correctly.

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