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Good morning all!

Just got done installing my new oil bath hubs on the trailer. This was easier than I thought thanks to researching. The most difficult/delicate part of the repair was removing the spindle wear sleeves and having to wait another week for EZLoader to send the correct parts. For anyone that once to replace/rebuild these, see the pics below. 

I made 2 different press tools out of PVC pipe. The one for the spindle wear sleeve was just a bit too small on the inside diameter, so, I had to use a heat gun to soften it up to expand over the spindle. Once I did that, I was able to just drive it home with a rubber mallet. 

Biggest advice I can give is to make sure you put the inner bearings in, prior to pressing the inner seals (I almost forgot!) and make sure to lube the seal before going on the spindle, so it doesn't rip/damage that rubber. When using the emery cloth to polish/remove rusted areas under wear sleeve, make sure to cut small strips that will only cover the size you intend to smooth.

I found something that showed applying the RTV sealant on the other side of the rubber grommet on the spindle but EZ loader said to only install on the outside of this (see pic). When I removed the wear sleeves, there had been RTV sealant only on that side too, so, I stuck with that. Either way, you definitely want to ensure no salt-water intrusion under the wear sleeves. This is what caused mine to buckle/crack/leak in the first place, so, I figure, I bought myself a year or so until I'll need another axle. Thing lasted almost 6 years with no services other than religiously rinsing. 

Took her out for a quick 20mph haul around the block and so far so good! 

Hope this helps someone else in the future. 









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